Coronavirus or COVID-19

We are continuing to pay close attention to the situation with the Coronavirus, COVID-19. We are continuing to care for patients both sick and well. 

If you feel you are at risk or have been exposed, please do not walk in the office for evaluation. Please call us first!  We are no longer accepting walk in appointments, all patients that need to be seen must call the office for an appointment. This will help minimize risk of exposure for everyone. Our team is up to date on all the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for cleaning the office, separating well from sick, and protecting ourselves and your families.

We will be asking screening questions for all sick appointments. We ask that patients and caregivers not enter our offices if you have recently traveled (domestic or international) or if you are concerned about direct exposure to a known case. 

Please use reliable sources like the CDC or Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) for your information. Relying on hearsay or information from other sources will likely not be the most up to date or reliable information.

Please remember to stay calm, and wash your hands.

‚ÄčAre you looking for information on Telehealth services we offer? Please visit here.

Coronavirus or COVID-19

COVID - 19 Vaccinations have been approved for ages 6 months and up!!  

Please call to schedule you child's  appointment!