Dr. Kathleen Cain

Our team is dedicated to high quality pediatric care and we are the only office in Topeka certified on our quality by the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA). We are certified as a Patient Centered Medical Home. We take care of your child when they are sick or well and are available 24/7. We are your resource and first call for any of your child’s health concerns from behavior problems to sleep, school, and sickness issues. We manage chronic health problems like obesity, ADHD, asthma, anxiety, and depression. Our practice uses the latest evidenced based guidelines. In other words our recommendations for your kiddo’s care are based on science.

Dr. Kathleen Cain 

After an amazing 25 years of private practice, I have officially retired.

It has been an amazing 25 years having the privilege of taking care of our future, your kids. It has been so exciting to watch them grow up to be happy and healthy adults and watch some who also have become parents themselves.

My health has made it difficult to continue seeing patients in the office. Some of you know I suffer from inflammatory arthritis and autoimmune hepatitis. My health continues to challenge me physically.

My plans are to continue supporting office operations in every possible way. We have a great team of providers in both Kim Golder, APRN, PMHS, CPNP and Dr. Kelsey Zubiaur who will continue to provide the highest quality pediatric care for all your child’s health needs. Kim recently completed her pediatric nurse practitioner mental health certification and the office is completing our NCQA Distinction in Behavioral Health Integration in primary care. Dr. Z is a board certified pediatrician and a new mom.  I am confident our team will continue to partner with each of you and provide the highest quality of care for years to come.  

I have been so honored to have been trusted with the health of your families over the years. Watching your children thrive, grow, and overcome obstacles to their health has brought me such joy. You allowed me to be a part of your family and my family grew up with yours. This is why my tears and heartache are so great for the end of my time with you, I will miss all of you so much. You kept my heart full. You gave me hugs and held my hand.

See you later alligator! After while crocodile!